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Sex Toys Crafted For Intimate Pleasure

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Married couples or sex partners lose the zeal for intercourse over time. More stimulus and foreplay become necessary for the act to carry; sex toys can bring the spring to the stale garden of erotism. Watching together amateur porn videos like Porn XXX Videos where couples perform unscripted, spontaneous sex activities can also act as a stimulus in your sex life. Different sex toys are available in online shops, which can add pleasure and fun to sexual activities. A vibrating cock ring is such a toy. It is worn over men`s cock; it tightens when he gets an erection, both partners get pleasure from it. The ring around the shaft vibrates, giving a tingling sensation both to the man and women, which adds ecstasy to sex.

A hot sweet, scented massage 

Aromatic massage oil is another way to keep your partner`s sex drive. You will find different varieties of massage oil candles in online sex toy stores. These candles are crafted from aromatic oils; light it up until it melts let it cool for a few minutes. Rub the scented oil on every inch of your partner`s nude body; she will love the gentle erotic massage. Blindfold and restrain sets are other innovative sex toys to spice up the nightlife. Adding a bit of bondage element in sex life is sure to add zest in love life, but to enact it, you must win the trust of your partner.


The idea of role-playing brings an element of surprise and pleasure to your sex life. There is no thumb rule for this erotic game; partners can switch roles every day, so each of you has the privilege to dominate the other. You could start playing a strict school teacher punishing your sexy lover for some silly mistake. A whip is another fun instrument in the game. The partner who plays the dominant role uses it; some gentle lashes can be provocative but restrain from harsh use.

Delaying orgasm

To prolong ejaculation, you may use delay spray; apply it to your cock five to ten minutes before intercourse. Lidocaine, tropical anesthesia contained in the spray, desensitizes your manhood delaying the orgasm. The effect of delay spray stays for half an hour to an hour, then it subsides.