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How to use first time male pumps

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Unlike most medications, penis pumps are affordable, easy to use, do not require a prescription, and are much less risky than more invasive treatments. You can even use pumps along with Viagra and Cialis. This does not mean that there is no risk when using male pumps.They can cause pain, swelling, discoloration, and long-term tissue damage to the penis, but when you know how to use a pump correctly, you can easily avoid these problems.

It all comes down to knowing how to use your pump safely, because once you do, the benefits will far outweigh the risks. Penis pumps are difficult! They are made of firm materials and if you don’t have something soft between your skin and the cylinder, they can be quite uncomfortable to wear. Here, too much firmness against your sensitive skin can also cause bruising, making it uncomfortable the next time you pump.

A penis sleeve will also help create a strong seal between the pump and the skin. You need the seal to be airtight in order to create enough suction inside the cylinder. A sleeve or pad can even facilitate keep your pouch on the skin of the pump, that is precisely wherever you wish them. A pump cylinder that’s large will leave space for the balls to be sucked in, however a sleeve or pad will stop this.When you start, do 2 to 3 pumping sessions per week and don’t pump for more than 15 minutes in a row. Once you are more comfortable with the process and the suction, you can increase the frequency of your workouts and train more frequently.

It is important to keep your sessions no more than 15 minutes, and if you want to do it longer, take a break every 10-15 minutes. Let off the pressure and stretch and massage your penis so that the blood circulation flows freely again to aid the pumping process.Also, be sure to allow the penis to stop growing between each pump. If you can see that your penis is still expanding, don’t pump again until it has stopped. Pumping for too long without interruption, or pumping too often is the biggest risk when it comes to pumping your penis. It can create temporary injuries like blisters, discoloration of the skin and numbness of the penis.

In fact, this is all quite common among penis pumping beginners, and while they are temporary, they can be scary at the time. If any of these occurs, then you will need to stop pumping and take a break until you are fully healed.Broken blood vessels are another risk of excessive pumping. If this occurs, it will cause instant pain, bruising, and swelling and can affect your ability to have an erection for weeks or months at a time. Another fairly common injury caused by excessive pumping is the “donut effect” and I’m sure you can guess what this could be by the name.